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On February 15 the Romans celebrated Lupercalia-thus honouring their Pagan gods :Juno,the goddess of women and marriage,and Faunus,the god of nature.During the festival every young man drew the name of maiden from a box.The girl he chose was to be his partner during Lupercalia.

With Christianity the date of the holiday was changed to February 14.Christian priests decided to replace the Pagan deties with a Christian hero.They chose Bishop Valentine (Valentinus),who had lived in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II.Valentinus,imprisoned for helping Christians ,was persecuted by Claudius II for secretly marrying couples when such marriages had been banned.Valentinus refused to Abandon preaching Christianity.Instead he tried to convert ClaudiusII.Infuriated,the Emperor ordered Valentinus to be executed.The execution took place on February 14,270 A.D on Palatine Hill,once the site of an alter Faunus.While awaitnig the execution Valentinus managed to convert his jailer,Asterius,and his daughter to Christianity.On the eve of the execution Valentine sent a farewell message to Asterius` daugter ,signing it"From your Valentine".

Since then this phrase has come to symbolize love and affection.
The Term St.Valentine`s Day in the secular sense was first recorded in England in 1381.On this day people send cards to their beloved in which they express their warm feelings.The sender must remain anonymous it`s the addressee`s task to uncover the mistery.
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